Spring Sowing Campaign is Over on Fields of “ROSTOK-HOLDING” Group

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” group successfully completed the spring sowing campaign. This year sowing was launched much earlier, if compared to last year, and was over according to the most optimal agrotechnological timeline.

In particular, corn was sown on the area of 21.8 thou hectares (2014: 24.0 thou hectares), sunflower — on 11.2 thou hectares (2014: 14.5 thou hectares), soybeans — on 3.5 thou hectares (2014: 3.4 thou hectares), spring barley — on 2.3 thou hectares (2014: the crop was not part of the crop mix). The area under fodder crops for dairy farming amounted to ca. 0.8 thou hectares.

Just to recap, in fall 2014 “ROSTOK-HOLDING” group expanded the area under winter crops up to 11.1 thou hectares from 4.2 thou hectares in fall 2013, i.e. by almost 3 times y-o-y.

The Group anticipates the gross yield of ca. 300 thou tons in 2015 (2014: the croppage reached 271 thou tons).

Information for editors: “ROSTOK-HOLDING” is a vertically integrated agro industrial group specializing in the cultivation and sale of crops, production, processing and sale of dairy products. The total area of high quality black-earth soil under group’s control amounts to ca. 60 thou hectares. The group includes two dairies, 8 cattle breeding farms, 2 elevator complexes and a number of trade companies. The group is exporting its produce to customers and partners in MENA region, Asia, Europe and the CIS.