“ROSTOK-HOLDING” Representatives Visited Factories of “CLAAS” and “LEMKEN” in Germany

On April 3-5 the delegation of “ROSTOK-HOLDING” group visited Germany to get acquainted with the technical achievements of the world’s leading agricultural machinery manufacturers.

In the city of Harsewinkel “CLAAS” greeted guests with the demo of its latest technological advances and toured around its plant which manufactures key machinery of the company such as combines, forage harvesters and XERION tractors. The Ukrainian delegation was introduced to the technology of production of LEXION and TUCANO combines as well as XERION tractors and witnessed the full-cycle production: starting from the production, painting, assembly and setting of combine parts and up till the appearance of the ready-made combine on the conveyor belt. The members of “ROSTOK-HOLDING” group were surprised to discover the fact that it takes only 7 days to produce LEXION combine. In addition, the company “CLAAS” showcased guests the way its logistics is organized: the new central spare parts warehouse, which was opened back in 2000, has over 135 thou items in stock on a daily basis, out of which 60 percent are stored and transported in a fully automated warehouse of small parts.

The test drive of “CLAAS” machinery on “Hof Loermann”, a “CLAAS” demonstration farm located a few miles away from the production site, had an indelible impression on all the visitors. The guests had the opportunity to take a ride on AXION XERION tractor and LEXION combine, a flagship grain harvester of “CLAAS:, and test their horse power, ease of management and level of travelling comfort.

After a fascinating tour around the factory of “CLAAS” the representatives of “ROSTOK-HOLDING” group also had the opportunity to visit all the main production capacities of “LEMKEN” plant in Alpena, including the workshop for assembly of tillage plows as well as workshops for production of presowing, stubbling and sowing machines.

“We were extremely impressed by the size and level of computerization of the factories we had an opportunity to visit”, — said Chief Commercial Officer of the group Dmitro Kupavtsev. — It is a pleasure for us to witness the development of technologies at the facilities of “CLAAS” and “LEMKEN” companies. A visit to the museum of “CLAAS” proved once again that its technical team is advancing ahead of the market to fully and timely respond to the market needs”.

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” group expresses its sincere gratitude to its partners, “CLAAS” and “LEMKEN” companies in Germany and the official dealer of “CLAAS” and “LEMKEN” in Ukraine “Ahrotehsoyuz” LLC, for interesting meetings and a warm welcome!

Information for editors: “ROSTOK-HOLDING” is a vertically integrated agro industrial group specializing in the cultivation and sale of crops, production, processing and sale of dairy products. The total area of high quality black-earth soil under group’s control amounts to ca. 60 hectares. The group includes two dairies, 8 cattle breeding farms, 2 elevator complexes and a number of trade companies. The group is exporting its produce to customers and partners in MENA region, Asia, Europe and the CIS.

“CLAAS”, company based in Germany, is a world leader in the production of combines and forage harvesters, tractors of different horsepower, balers and telescopic loaders. In general, the product range of the company accounts for several models of machinery and equipment. There are 11 manufacturing plants of the company worldwide. In more than one hundred countries, sales of machinery, service and supply of spare parts is carried out by three regional centers, 16 sales companies and more than 1,000 dealerships. Today, the group of companies employs 9,000 workers. “CLAAS” invests more than 5% of its annual turnover (EUR 177 mln in 2012) into the development of new models and new technologies. “CLAAS” has its own academy where every year 4,500 specialists from over 30 countries are trained in a high tech workshops. “CLAAS” is the European market leader in the production of grain combines and world’s leader in the production of forage harvesters. This again has increased the company’s revenue, which in 2012 reached a record EUR 3.4 bln.

“LEMKEN”, with its headquarters in Alpen (Germany), is a manufacturer of machinery for soil cultivation, sowing and plant protection. The company produces about 15,000 machines per year with a turnover of EUR 340 mln in 2012. “LEMKEN” is one of the leading companies in Europe. With a market share of more than 40 % for reversible ploughs “LEMKEN” is established as German market leader.