“ROSTOK-HOLDING” Develops Business Ties with Russia

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” group is developing business partnership with Russia in order to expand its partner base and given the geographical location of its farms. On July 5, the official delegation from Glukhiv district (Sumy region) consisting of the representatives of “ROSTOK-HOLDING” group headed by Regional director of the group in Sumy region Mykola Kozlov and representatives […]

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” Group Started Winter Crops Harvesting Campaign

On July 5, the farms of “ROSTOK-HOLDING” launched the harvesting campaign. In particular, Ichnianske Private Leased Agricultural Enterprise and Khliborob Private Leased Agricultural Enterprise (both located in Chernihiv region) were the first to start field works. To date, winter wheat yield reaches 60 centners/ha.

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” Increases Capacity of Its Grain Elevator in Chernihiv region

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” group plans to have the storage capacity of its elevator complex in Ichnya town (Chernihiv region) increased by September 2013. At present the group is building the 2nd stage of the complex and has already completed construction of dryer base, noria and stock cleaning equipment. In addition, the silo base for dry grain storage […]

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” Doubled the Area under Crops in 2013

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” group increased the area under crops in 2013 twofold if compared to 2012, i.e. the area under crops increased to 39.7 thou hectares, which is due to an increase in the group’s land under management from 20 thou hectares last year, to 60 thou hectares this year.