About us

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” is a vertically integrated agro-industrial group specializing in the cultivation, storage and sale of grain and oil crops, elevator farming, as well as the production and sale of milk.

Our mission is to build a strong company, reveal and multiply the potential of the Ukrainian land and people, inspiring society with our example of conducting business with the principles of sustainable development, ethics and honest partnership.

Today, the company cultivates about 15,700 hectares of land in Ukraine. The main areas of the company’s activity are plant growing, storage of grain crops, trade in agricultural crops and animal husbandry. The company’s operational activities are fully equipped with modern equipment and infrastructure.

The best international practices in management, product quality, investments in innovation – all this has been implemented by “ROSTOK-HOLDING” since 2013, constantly confirming the status of a reliable Ukrainian company. After all, the company is managed by a strong and professional team of top managers with extensive experience in the agricultural sector.

Our main priorities are the production of quality products, control of all technological processes, compliance with the highest international standards, constant development and implementation of innovations.

The central office of “ROSTOK-HOLDING” is located in Kyiv, and the farm, elevator and agricultural production are located in Novgorod-Siversky, in the Chernihiv region of the northern region of Ukraine, which is traditionally agrarian.

The main areas of activity of the group:

Plant growing

The lands of the group are located in the Chernihiv region, a climatically favorable and ecologically clean zone. The group’s strategic crops are corn, winter wheat, sunflower, soybeans and spring barley.

Agricultural products of the holding are grown from high-quality seed material in compliance with all innovative technologies and meet standards that allow products to be sold on foreign and domestic markets.

Storage of grain crops

The “ROSTOK-HOLDING” group has one elevator located in the city of Novgorod-Siverskyi. As of today, the total storage capacity is 39,600 tons. Also, since 2014, the technology of grain storage in polyethylene sleeves has been used. The holding is expanding its production capacity, and also pays special attention to professional equipment for better storage of crops.

Modern systems are characterized by high reliability, energy efficiency, good productivity and versatility. They make it possible to store any type of grain for as long as possible, transport, clean, dry, ventilate, constantly control and monitor product quality.

Trade in agricultural crops

Trading is a strategic activity that allows you to understand trends and get the best price in the market at the right time.

On the foreign market, the “ROSTOK-HOLDING” group sells corn, wheat: food and fodder, soybeans and spring barley.

On the inside – sunflower and spring barley.

Animal husbandry

Animal husbandry breeding is an important socio-economic direction of the company’s work. The dairy farms of the “ROSTOK-HOLDING” group are located in the territory of the Chernihiv region. The total herd of cattle on the company’s farms includes more than 400 cows, of which about 215 are dairy cows. The basic breed is the black-spotted Holstein (milk). This breed was bred to obtain large milk yields. Cows produce more than 10,000 liters per dairy cow per year.

Thanks to many years of coordinated work, investments in farm equipment and high-quality fodder procurement, the company increases the quantitative and qualitative indicators of milk and maintains the profitability of production.