About us

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” is a vertically integrated agro industrial group specializing in the cultivation and sale of crops, production and sale of milk.

The group has been developing dairy farming since 1993 and crops farming – since 2003.

Key business directions of the group:

Crops Farming

The group’s land is located in Chernihiv and Sumy regions, ecologically clean areas with favourable climate. The land bank is split into large contiguous clusters. The group grows corn, winter wheat, sunflower, soybean, and spring barley.

The total area of high quality black-earth soil under group’s management amounts to ca. 60 hectares. “ROSTOK-HOLDING” group ranks 26th among top 100 landowners of Ukraine.

Crops Storage

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” incorporates three elevators in Glukhiv, Ichnya and Novgorod-Severskyi cities. To date, their total storage capacity reaches 104 thou tons. Also starting from 2014, as an alternative storage capacity plastic bags has been used.

Crops Trading

“ROSTOK-HOLDING” group sells for export corn, milling and fodder wheat, soybean and spring barley.

Sunflower and spring barley are sold inside Ukraine.

Animal Farming

The cattle breeding farms of the group are located in Chernihiv and Sumy oblasts. The herd of cattle is represented by ca. 2.7 thou heads out of which about 1.3 thou heads are dairy cows. The productivity level reaches 8274 litres of milk per cow p.a. The group’s basic breed is Holstein (dairy breed).