For many years, “ROSTOK-HOLDING” has been proud of its stable and harmonious team of professionals who possess valuable skills, knowledge and experience.

The main value of our company is a team of talented, purposeful and dedicated specialists. All of them are united by a common goal and contribute to a common cause.

Our strategic goal is to direct the human resources and social policy of the agricultural holding to access equal opportunities, support the company’s long-term strategy and observe the principles of gender equality in all its manifestations.

We pay special attention not only to finding high-class specialists, but also to issues of their professional development and motivation. The personnel management system is based on the principle of partnership between the employee and the company.

By joining the “ROSTOK-HOLDING” team, you will get the freedom of self-realization and be able to implement new bold projects. Every employee from the first day of work has the opportunity to develop their professional, managerial, communicative and personal competencies.

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