We aspire to become the leader of agribusiness in Ukraine and  increase the scale and efficiency of our company.

The long-term strategy of the “ROSTOK-HOLDING” group is aimed at increasing the value of the business and generating high profits. And also to maintain leading positions in the domestic market thanks to high quality and the ability to supply large volumes of products.

The strategy development plan of the “ROSTOK-HOLDING” group for the next 5 years:

Plant growing

  • Increase in gross fees
  • Focus on highly profitable crops: wheat, corn, sunflower, soy, barley
  • Application of modern technologies, agricultural business and further growth of yield indicators of all crops
  • Modernization of agricultural equipment park
  • Implementation of elements of precision agriculture

Storage of grain crops

  • Increasing storage capacity
  • Increase in drying capacity
  • Increasing the carrying capacity of the elevator complex
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of drying and storage

Animal husbandry

  • Intensification of production
  • Optimization of technological and production processes
  • Increasing the productivity of cows due to the use of advanced technologies, as well as increasing the herd