Crops Farming

The total area of high quality black-earth soil under group’s management amounts to ca. 15 700 hectares. The group’s land is located in Chernihiv region, ecologically clean areas with favourable climate.

Key stages:


The group grows corn, winter wheat, sunflower, soybean, and spring barley.

Location of land in the northern regions of Ukraine, which are climatically most favourable for growing crops, supports high yields.

The group does business with the leading originators of seeds, crop protection, and mineral fertilizers. Apart from this, the group uses the latest developments in this direction, thereby increasing productivity and product quality.

To date, the fleet of “ROSTOK-HOLDING” accounts for 120 units of self-propelled mobile and towed machinery. These are John Deere tractors; Great Plains, and John Deere sowing complexes; Claas Lexion harvesters; Case Patriot spraying machines; Quivogne Fleo-Fleo, Mc Farline, Case Ecolo Tiger cultivation machines, etc


Processing the crops we grew we get a high-quality fodder, which is one of the main sources of nutrients that are essential for high-quality livestock products and the quality of fodder depends much on the quality of its key component – grain.

We take care to create an optimal recipe and composition of fodder. To produce fodder we use maize and wheat, soybean and sunflower meal as well as vitamin and mineral admixtures.

Our product range is presented by fodder for growing cattle of all ages.

Animals on the cattle breeding farm of the group eat only fodder produced in-house. Our cows get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for their well-being and production of dairy products of high quality.