Rostok Holding has started harvesting the 2023 corn crop.
The company plans to complete the process within the next three weeks, and the area to be harvested is about 2,900 hectares.

In total, in 2023, Rostock Holding planted about 10,000 hectares of land, including: 2,020 hectares of wheat, 110 hectares of barley, 5,302 hectares of corn and 1,727 hectares of sunflowers.

In addition, the company successfully carried out the first fertilizing of winter wheat at the end of March.

It is important to note that the war in Ukraine had a negative impact on the activities of Rostock Holding. 4,000 hectares of agricultural land are located in the front-line zone, so their cultivation and harvesting are currently impossible in these areas.

The company is currently preparing for the 2024 sowing campaign.