“Rostok Holding” helps the Ukrainian military with cars and ammunition

“Rostok Holding” cooperates with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense and other defense structures of the country, such as the State Border Service, providing assistance for targeted requests, said Dmytro Kupavtsev, the general director of the holding.

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the company has helped with the purchase of cars, which were then repaired and sent to the front or to units of the Military Police of Chernihiv region. With the financial support of the holding, 5 cars were purchased.

“Rostok Holding” enterprises also handed over 4 of their own vehicles to the military – cargo and passenger Gazelles and two trucks. In addition, mechanics working at the maintenance station in Novgorod-Siversk, which belongs to the holding, help with vehicle repairs.

“We decided not to cooperate with funds, but to process address requests. We help as much as we can. We try to respond to all requests that come directly to the company,” said D. Kupavtsev.

Thus, at the request of the military, “Rostok Holding” purchased ammunition for personnel – sets of uniforms, berets, body armor, plate carriers. An INFIRAY thermal imager with a rangefinder (2km) was also purchased and transferred to the front.

With the assistance of the teroboron company, Kozyna in the Kyiv region also received food products with the support of the Association of Milk Producers.