“Rostok Holding” has completed its spring planting campaign

In total, over 10,000 hectares have been sown. This includes more than 5,200 hectares of corn, 1,766 hectares of winter wheat, 1,727 hectares of sunflower, and 600 hectares of other crops.

This year’s sowing structure is primarily focused on corn, with more than 5,200 hectares of planting area dedicated to it. The volumes of winter wheat have also been increased.

“Due to significant rainfall in March and April, the spring planting campaign started a bit later. However, we managed to carry out this sowing in optimal terms. Thanks to careful planning, high-quality seed material, and the constant work of our specialists, we confidently finished the planting season on time and with excellent results,” said Dmitro Kupavtsev, CEO of “Rostok Holding”.

For more than a year and a half, the planting campaigns have been taking place under conditions of increased danger. However, despite widespread military aggression, “Rostok Holding” managed to conduct all planting campaigns fully.

It’s worth noting that 3,890 hectares, which is about 29% of the planting areas, are located in the combat zone and are not being cultivated.