The harvest has begun. Agroenterprise “Novgorod-Siversky Agrarian Investments” of the “ROSTOK HOLDING” group of companies was the first in Novgorod-Sivershchyna to start harvesting winter wheat

The beginning of the harvest coincided with last year – July 17.

They began to collect grain with three of their own combines.

“We are still waiting for harvesters rented from other organizations. They are on their way. The weather does not wait, so we are trying to complete the harvest as soon as possible. So far, we are collecting it ourselves,” says the director of the agro-enterprise Oleksiy Kalita.

“On the first field,” says Oleksandr Silenko, an agronomist of the enterprise, “on the first day they mowed the lowlands, then collected 4.5 tons per 1 ha. Now they have leveled off – 5 tons per hectare. In past years, both 5.3 and 5.4 were collected.”

In this field, winter crops of domestic selection. On others – German and Austrian. Oleksandr Silenko hopes that more grains will be threshed there: “Let’s not guess anymore, it’s not far, the bunker will show.”

In total, almost 4,000 hectares are under grain crops: winter wheat and spring barley. If the weather does not interfere, they plan to harvest in three weeks.